Annie Briard



Annie Briard is an artist of Quebec origin, currently based in Vancouver (Canada). Locally and internationally, her work can be found in public spaces as well as in solo and group exhibitions. She has recently exhibited at the AC Institute Gallery (New York), the Burrard Art Foundation (Vancouver) and the Foreman Art Gallery of Bishop’s University (Sherbrooke).  Her practice focuses on visual perception and its ideological contexts. She questions the opposition between the real and the imaginary through moving images, photography and installation art.

About the artwork


In Possible Lands is a series of printed artworks that attempts to predict the future by examining the possibilities for our world. On repeated long hikes across Canada and the United States, the artist documents a rapidly changing environment due to climate change. Briard is struck by the links between her own photographs and the archival slides taken years earlier by her father, as he travelled from Quebec to British Columbia for his geology studies. Thus, each image compresses the time interval between these two sources, using chance and three slide projectors. This combination of superimposed landscape photographs – those captured 45 years ago by the artist’s father and the current images taken by Annie Briard – creates new potential landscapes. With their vivid colors and majestic subjects, they evoke a sense of wonder while remaining familiar. When examined closely, however, they reveal a world that is changing and altered by human activity.