We are all, in one way or another, affected by the coronavirus pandemic. This project is based on the desire to instill hope in emerging artists through this difficult situation by promoting their works in public spaces of Montreal while allowing young people to be made aware of contemporary art through these projects. stimulants.

The project is made up of 3 exhibition initiatives : vacant stores; ambulatory performances and exhibition cubes.

The vacant stores will be transformed into places of artistic residence and meeting with the public. The showcases occupied by the artists then become places of production and exceptional exhibition.

The ambulatory performances are a touching and relevant meeting around the current context. 24 performances in total will be presented rethinking the visual environment of a place through the performing arts.

Semi-transparent rectangular cubes will allow artistic works to be exhibited, inviting the public to walk around these original exhibition bubbles.


5 good reasons to donate :

1- Give a unique opportunity to emerging artists to exhibit their works in the public spaces of the city of Montreal.
2- Provide emergency compensation to early career artists and business opportunities.
3- Allow citizens to discover contemporary art in a safe manner.
4- Educate young people from different backgrounds in contemporary Quebec art.
5- Energize and transform our public spaces with works chosen by a jury.

Several works available in return!
The money raised will also be divided between the artist and the organization to fund Building Bridges.