Call for projects Festival Art Souterrain 2024

Festival Art Souterrain 2024


Art Souterrain officially launches its call for projects for the 16th edition of the festival which will take place in 2024.

Oeuvre de l'artiste David Garneau au Festival Art Souterrain 2022

© David Garneau, Art Souterrain 2022. Photo : Jonathan Duval

Theme and orientations

For the 16th consecutive year, Art Souterrain is taking over the halls and corridors of Montreal’s major business centres for its annual Festival. The 2024 edition of the Festival Art Souterrain intends to take up the challenge of initiating new discussions on an already widely debated subject: the environment.

The environment is understood here both in reference to the ecosystems that cover the surface of the Earth, but also, in its more social dimension, as the immediate space in which each person evolves, according to a set of customs.

In this context, Art Souterrain questions the positioning of artists for and within their environment and proposes to highlight local and international talents who place their approach in a social and environmental perspective.

By infiltrating the daily lives of thousands of people in downtown Montreal, the Festival’s programming will unfold along two main lines, transmitted and embodied by the artistic practices that will be presented: that of an observation and that of alternatives.

The observation of complex situations inherited from the past, on an economic, social or environmental level. And, the alternatives proposed to the dominant systems, whether they are in progress, to be established, or still to be invented.

Envisaged in a constant and porous dialogue between these two axes, various lines of thought will be developed by the curators and highlighted by the artistic proposals selected: the ways of interacting with our environments in the era of the Anthropocene and digital technologies, the issues related to the question of environmental justice and the idea that the fight against global warming is inseparable from the fight against social inequalities, or again, the voices and initiatives that are being raised in favour of alternative models that are closer to the real needs of the populations.

Eco-responsible artistic practices that are part of a degrowth approach and that reduce their carbon footprint will be highlighted. As a presenter, Art Souterrain also intends to pursue the steps it has taken in this direction and will continue to question each of its choices in order to increase its awareness of its impact on the environment.

With the ever benevolent aim of making our public aware of the major current issues and carrying a message of hope, Art Souterrain will once again bring the corridors of the downtown underground network to life through contemporary creation.

To apply

Deadline 30 June 2023


How to propose a project for the Art Souterrain 2024 Festival?

You have until 30 June 2023 to submit your application via the online form

What information should I provide in my application?

The application form allows you to present, on the one hand, your artistic profile and, on the other hand, your project for the Festival Art Souterrain.

Be clear and precise in the presentation of your artistic approach and in the explanation of your project. An artistic CV in addition to a short biography is an asset. Include a number of visuals with your proposal (at least five), which may include: photos of the work(s), sketches, plans, a proposed scenography, a model and, if applicable to your project, a link to a sound or video.

Who will read my application?

The curators invited by Art Souterrain for the 2024 Festival will have access to the proposals received in response to the call and may decide to include some of them in their project selection.

What are the main selection criteria?
  • the relevance of the proposed project to the theme
  • the feasibility of the project in a public space context
  • the quality of the artistic dossier
  • the artist’s interpretation of the theme of the Environment in line with his/her practice
  • the development of an original and striking concept
  • the visual impact of the project in a public space context*.

*Note that nudity and violence are to be avoided.

My work has already been exhibited publicly, can I present it for the Festival Art Souterrain 2024?

Yes as long as the work has not been exhibited in the 18 months prior to the Art Souterrain 2024 Festival*.

*exceptions apply for international artists

I am a performance artist, can I submit a project for the Festival Art Souterrain 2024?

Yes, a strong performance programme is an important component of the Festival year after year. Namely, the underground is an unusual context for presenting to an audience. The possibilities are limited, especially in terms of sound and lighting. Performances are not allowed to be completely nude.

Can I submit a series of works?

Yes, several works in the same series or belonging to the same project can be submitted by completing the form once. Art Souterrain does not guarantee that it will be able to exhibit all of them.

What compensation is offered to artists for their participation in the Festival?

A fee is paid to the artist for the exhibition of his or her work in the underground spaces and the promotion of his or her project within the framework of the Festival.

Art Souterrain takes care of the production of reproducible projects printed on foamcore and vinyl and the rental or loan of equipment for the broadcasting of sound or video projects.

Depending on the project, support may be provided for the production, shipping or transport of the works. Artists are asked to detail the amounts they expect to receive in the application form.

Detailed document of the call for projects


Questions ? Email Justine Millet, in charge of the coordination of the artists for Art Souterrain, at :