François Couture

Montreal, Canada


François Couture was born on Montreal. He began his fine-art studies in Newfoundland before completing them at Concordia University. His practice encompasses sculpture, electronic art, performance and painting. 

His artworks go against well-defined narratives; he is trying to create what he cannot express in words. His practice centres on the exploration of the obligation of functionality within our society. He is likewise interested in themes of social inequality and the loss of the sacred in Western cultures.

Artistic approach

Looking for Hope is a performance art installation which will be meticulously recreated throughout the Montreal edition of Nuit blanche. 

It is a scientific experiment consisting in the fermentation of different yeast strains inside transparent plastic vials to study how they grow by measuring levels of sugar loss and CO2 generation. 

The experiment will be over when either the organism will have self-destructed or will have become a new specimen as a result of having saturated its environment. Each “failed” experiment will be numbered and presented accompanied by its grow chart on a display stand. 

The idea is to repeat the experiment until one of the specimens manages not to destroy its environment and shows long-term development. Here, we are “looking for hope” as the title suggests.   

Obviously, each yeast strain will not follow the same growing pattern. A mode of development which, unfortunately, echoes our own.

Artist's artworks and activities

The breathing sequencer