Alexia McKindsey

Montreal, Canada


Alexia McKindsey is a Montreal-based artist born in 1996 whose work explores the potential of domestic spaces, both as an illusion and pertaining to familial history. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Arts at Concordia University, her artistic focus lies in oil painting. She has exhibited work in several exhibitions across Montreal, most notably for the Art Souterrain Festival in 2017.

About the artwork

The imagery and themes associated with Alexia McKindsey’s practice derive from the spaces in which she’s inhabited; recalling sentiments of family narratives, memory, and collectivity. The spaces we live in are a reflection of ourselves and in many cases, a reflection of the past generations of a family as well. McKindsey seeks to map out that progression of history and the ways in which our homes carry very specific traditions and mythologies. Contrasting and combining these elements of the otherwise mundane domestic landscape allows for the creation of a new reality to unfold, often absurd and illogical; a dreamscape of sorts.

Photo credit : Emily Spooner