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Philippe Battikha


Philippe Battikha is a Canadian composer, music and sound artist who works and lives in Montreal. His work revolves around sound. He creates installations, sculptures and sonic environments using familiar and everyday sounds. His work showcases our close, constant relationship with the sounds around us that affect our individual and collective experiences.




Tempo is a sound installation that reproduces the tick-tock of a timer. Sensors installed in the corridor detects the motion of people walking in the underground passageways and this flux influences the intensity of the soundtrack: the greater the movement, the louder the sound and the more rapid the tick-tock, and vice-versa. Thus, the installation has a more assertive presence during peak hours, accompanying the rush of workers on their way to work. The piece tries to impart an aural component to time. Time and work are inextricably linked: there is the time we take to get to work, the time spent working, our spare time after work, and so on. The choice of having the installation in a restricted corridor emphases the sense of passing of time.






Picture by Philippe Battikha


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