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Matilda Aslizadeh


Matilda Aslizadeh is an Iranian-born visual artist living and working in Vancouver. She has developed a visual idiom that combines photography, video and digital animation. Her work evokes the complexity and saturation of today’s media universe. Finding inspiration in Western culture, Greek mythology and science fiction, it questions economic and political orthodoxy and social conventions.




Featuring narrative that works on many levels, Office is a critique of the organizational strategies of corporate work. Developed using 3 different points of view, this esthetically refined work is inspired by the sleek, professional style of commercial stock photography. The action takes place inside a life insurance firm where 2 parallel storylines evolve, in scenes filmed inside and outside the offices. The narrative juxtaposes the characters’ private lives with the daily goings-on at the firm in a condensed telling of the events. A destabilizing element is the insistent presence of tropical plants, which upends the usual perception of what an o ce looks line in the 2000s. The soundtrack, as much as the visuals, helps the intrigues unfold.




Picture by Mike Patten


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