Art Souterrain


Maxime Goldstyn, Mathieu Deschênes and Alexandre Huard

Represented by SOIR Québec


SOIR is a not-for-profit whose mission is to promote up-and-coming artists in alternative venues while favouring the creation of a multidisciplinary network through its various activities. Alexandre Huard is a professional photographer who has archived a multitude of the organization’s projects in an original and creative manner. Mathieu Desche?nes is an ideator and one of the 11 artists in the PESTACLE collective. Maxime Goldstyn too is a member of PESTACLE, which works to integrate the visual arts into the events circuit.




DADA INC. is to be considered a small enterprise evolving within a much larger system, symbolically that of Art Souterrain. Each artist has a different visual arts practice and is required to have a permanent presence on the work site, where they all are required to design creations not as a function of their inspiration or desire to create, but rather according to a strict schedule. Their role within the space and with respect to their creations shall be governed in a highly stringent, hierarchical manner, so as to create an environment and an organization like those of real workplaces. The themes broached will range from the importance of work in creating meaning for one’s life and the individual and social contradictions that may arise from that; the notion of privilege; the individual’s relationship with work; and so on.





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