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Chun Hua Catherine Dong


Chun Hua Catherine Dong is a Chinese-born Québec artist whose practice incorporates performance, photography and video. Her work has been seen at numerous international performance art festivals. In 2014, her work was acknowledged in New York City with the Franklin Furnace Award for avant-garde art.


Art Work


The performance A Fair Day’s Work explores the relationship between work and time. Sitting behind a desk on which lie a lamp, a clock, a rubber stamp, and a stack of paper, Dong examines the notion of wage temporality by performing tasks repetitively until the paper runs out. Every minute, she turns the light on and off and stamps the word "PAID" on a sheet of paper before throwing it to the ground. This meticulous yet alienating activity draws a parallel with the time-intensive commitment of artists’ practice, which is not rewarded with a regular, fixed wage—whereas tradespeople’s remuneration varies directly with the amount of work done. In this way, she highlights the conditions under which artists create and their vulnerability within a capitalist economy and the arts grants system.





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