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Caroline Boileau

Caroline Boileau is a Québec artist living in Montreal. Her practice combines performance, illustration, video and installation and is a reflection on health and the body. She examines the different ways of living in, representing and speaking of the body. Since 1995, she has participated in several residencies and exhibitions in Canada, the United States and Europe.


L’oiseau de malheur

For this performance, Boileau radically transforms herself into a wonderfully strange paper bird, donning several hundred sheets of paper folded into feathers and on which she has painted quotations from literary, artistic, philosophical, economic and scientific works. Decked out in this fashion, she approaches passersby, offering them part of her accoutrement, a feather. The texts are meant to encourage reflection and understanding of societal structures. Her performance is meditative and invites passersby to slow down, have a greater appreciation of the passing of time, and be aware of our neoliberal society’s increasing demand for ever quicker results from workers.

Curator: Pascale Beaudet



The artist thanks Mariane Stratis, assistance ans documentation of the project since 2014, as well as Emilio Barquero, her apprentice during the year 2017-2018 thanks to a partnership with Innovation Youth Center. Their Connections program seeks to equip youg people without a high school diploma by helping them acquire the education and skills they need to move towards their adult live in a spirit of autonomy and dignity. L'oiseau de Malheur was produced by C2S Arts & Événements in 2014 for a performance project at Collège Maisonneuve. Thanks to Serge Marchetta.



Mon, March 12 :  12 p.m. - 1p.m. 1000 de la Gauchetière

Tue, March 13 : 12 p.m. - 1p.m.  Centre de commerce mondial

Thu, March 15: 12 p.m. - 1 p.m.   Complexe Guy-Favreau



© Picture by Caroline Boileau


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