Art Souterrain


2018 THEME 


For its 3 rd edition of Vitrine sur l’Art, Art Souterrain has invited Independent Curator and Contemporary Art and Public Art Consultant, Marie Perrault.

“Before applying it to the arts, the gender question is first and foremost a social one. Unlike one’s sex, which is a physical reality linked to the reproductive system, gender is a socio-cultural construction. Receiving more news coverage than ever, in the context of the denoucements of ‘Me Too’ movements and assertions of LGBT+ communities (an abbreviation that can be extended to include multiple identities), the gender theme stimulates contemporary artists. They are nourished by reflections centred around the prescriptiveness of gender roles, explore the ways these standards are conveyed as ‘natural,’ and contribute to the deconstruction of prevalent hetero-normativity and the invention of new genders.”


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